Everyone Needs to Know ‘Cybersecurity’… Yes, Even You. Start Here.

cybersecurity, infosec / Friday, September 7th, 2018

It’s becoming increasingly critical for most people – despite job, industry, function, role, or title – to at least have a basic understanding of information or cybersecurity. In a previous post, I mentioned why this was especially important for small business owners. The resources below provide a more general view of the industry, as well as an overview of it’s jargon, terminology, and concepts.

Before you begin, test your ‘general cyber awareness’ by taking one or all of the self-assessment found here.

The courses listed below are free of charge, however, in most cases a ‘Certificate of Completion’ can be purchased upon successful completion.

FuturelearnIntroduction to Cybersecurity

UdemyCybersecurity Course for Beginners – Level 01

Chris SandersThe Cuckoo’s Egg Decompiled

edX:Cybersecurity Basics: A Hands-on Approach

edXIntroduction to Cybersecurity

CourseraIT Security: Defense Against the Digital Dark Arts

CourseraCybersecurity and its Ten Domains


Gotham Sharma is a cybersecurity advisor, educator, mentor, speaker, and trainer. He presently serves as the Managing Director of the Exeltek Consulting Group, and has been nominated for the ‘Cybersecurity Educator of the Year’ award. If you enjoyed this article and others like it, you can vote here.