What Do We Know About Cybersecurity?

cybersecurity, infosec / Thursday, September 6th, 2018

The Pew Research Center conducted a survey that confirms what we feared: As a nation, we know very little about cybersecurity; only 1% of participants were able to answer all 13 survey questions correctly. Among other key findings, the report discovered that:

  • Cybersecurity knowledge varies widely by topic and level of technical detail
  • Public knowledge of cybersecurity is lower on some relatively technical issues
  • Those with higher levels of education and younger internet users are more likely to answer cybersecurity questions correctly
  • A significant share of online adults are simply not sure of the correct answer on a number of cybersecurity knowledge questions

You can take the survey here. Online education platform, Khan Academy has their own Cybersecurity Quiz. As does Microsoft, and global infosec firm, Herjavec Group.



Gotham Sharma is a cybersecurity advisor, educator, mentor, speaker, and trainer. He presently serves as the Managing Director of the Exeltek Consulting Group, and has been nominated for the ‘Cybersecurity Educator of the Year’ award. If you enjoyed this article and others like it, you can vote here.